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We are a non-traditional chiropractic office whose primary purpose is to improve the overall function of your spine and Nervous System. Where traditional chiropractors focus on aches, pains and reducing symptoms; we look for the core issues.  We look at distortion in the spine that affects the Nervous System that may be affecting your health in ways that you know and more importantly in ways that you probably have no idea.

Our goal is to help you find your true potential and SHINE!

Providing you with the best team for the best care


Jeff Cowley, DC - Chiropractor

Jeff Cowley is a chiropractor who has recently returned home to Canada from a long stint in the United Kingdom.

He earned his doctorate of chiropractic at the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon and he’s been practicing for 15 years since then, mostly in Aberdeen, Scotland specializing in sports and occupational injuries.

Jeff also enjoyed working at a number of multinational corporations in the oil and gas industry in Aberdeen where he introduced the use of onsite chiropractic care.

He is a member of the Canadian Chiropractic Association, the European Chiropractic Union and the Institute for Ergonomics.

When he is not at work, he enjoys volunteering with the local fire department and outdoor pursuits such as mountain biking, rock climbing and exploring Nova Scotia with his wife and 6 children.

Pam - Office Manager

My #1 reason for everything I do, is my family. PERIOD.  Anyone who knows me knows after my faith, they are my #1 value.

In 2006 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer…and years later I can honestly see that it was a blessing…challenging and incredibly difficult (even to this day at times), YES ABSOLUTELY, but it gave me an appreciation for life & health that I never had before. It didn’t take very long to realize that although going thru one of the hardest things I have ever had to go thru…I was lucky, grateful and thankful. I became more aware of my health and wanted to do what I could to change it for the better, not only my physical health but emotional and spiritual health as well. Every aspect of our health is a gift…and I intend to treasure it and take care of it!

Fast forward to 2015...I never knew it at the time, but Chiropractic would prove to be the final piece of my health puzzle. I am so thankful I educated myself and took a chance on something that I was VERY skeptical and scared of. I started off just like you. I came to see Dr. Keltie (owner/chiropractor at the time) with/because of chronic hip pain, that I "put up with" for 12 years until it was affecting my quality of life...but I soon discovered the issue wasn't my hip at all! I have experienced so many benefits and changes in my health/life and my hip was just 1 of them! What I have gained in knowledge, health and overall clarity is priceless. I am hopeful you all will get to experience some of the same rewards!

You may not see me around the office as much anymore, as the majority of my work now is done behind the scenes, but I do hope when you do, you grab me and ask any questions you may have. I love talking about my journey from SCARED SKEPTIC to PROUD BELIEVER in how a properly functioning nervous system is so important in our lives! xo




Maura - Chiropractic Assistant

I am an inspiring singer/songwriter born and raised in beautiful Port Williams. I believe everyone has the power to change and be a better version of themselves. I grew up shy and overweight, and now have such a passion for inspiring others to go after their dreams and be their authentic selves.


I am glad to be part of the team here at Warren's Chiropractic! I started working in the chiropractic field in 2016 in Ontario, and was awakened to the power of what chiropractic can do and found my calling. I love assisting Jeff and enjoy getting to know each and every practice member and being part of their health journey.



Heather - Chiropractic Assistant

Coming Soon...